Independent and politically neutral

                                        Working together to move Badagry forward

TEAMCO Project and History

Project: ELPD/004/O3/PHB/005/TEAMCO/001


TEAMCO Project (Transparency, Empowerment, Accountability Management, Communication and Organisation) under the function of UVOBPI operation objectives ELPD/004/O3 and PHB/005

TEAMCO project was formed under Article 5, Section 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 15 of UVOBPI constitution.


TEAMCO is a group of Badagrians selected from civil society organisations such as NGOs, foundations and civil society groups using their skills, knowledge, experience, research, human and financial resources to help Badagry and her people. TEAMCO's selection is based on excellent individual track records. This team has been helping Badagrians and Badagry to move forward. TEAMCO is created as an umbrella that hosts many Badagrian voices, established under the banner of ‘The Voice of Badagry’ or formally known as The United Voice of Badagry People Initiative (UVOBPI).

TEAMCO Mission

“Our team ensures transparency, accountability and we manage our people. We communicate with our people about potential development dangers like corruption, mismanagement and bad administrations. We update our people in an organised fashion and help them attain sustainable economic development. Most importantly, we denounce any form of violence in our approach”.


“Ensure Badagry's people have a unified voice”

TEAMCO's goal is to ensure Badagrians have a unified voice in their dealings in development matters within Nigeria as a whole and the world at large. When acting in this capacity, this team acts neutrally and independently, free from political party politics or agendas in order to freely serve the collective interest of Badagry and her people.

Key Experts and professionals in Badagry's Affairs – United Voice of Badagry People Initiative: Project TEAMCO “an ad hoc” Group: 

Dr. Emmanuel Jesuyon Dansu, a Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Mr. Peter Dansu, Founder and publisher of News Proof, formerly News Punch

Mr. Viyon Awhanse, Director/TV producer and Community Advocate, My Badagry My Future

Mr. Babatunde Fagbohun , a self-managed Accountant/ Associate member Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria

Dr. James Oluwaseyi Wusu a Research Fellow, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya, Malaysia.

Mr. Omoba Toba Omidele, Database Administrator and Blogger. Blog-Nija

Mr. Yemaren Femi Fasinu, Executive director, Border Communities Development Foundation

Mr. Femi Senu. A security Expert and an Author, Associate Researcher. Founder UVOBPI