UVOBPI-TEAMCO Observation and Monitoring COS Work: in the anti-corruption areas

Specific description of the CSO work in relation to the UNCAC and the review mechanism of the UNCAC

Considering the UNCAC’s roles for the purpose of the implementation of the Convention and contributing to its review mechanism, UVOBPI’s direct monitoring, observation and advocacy roles include: advocating for national anti-corruption strategies capable of holding public officials accountable, monitoring the efficacy of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), corruption laws and enforcement practices, and advocating against bribery and corruption.

UVOBPI-TEAMCO Observation and Monitoring COS Work at the State and Local Community Levels

Our Projects include the:

  • Aspire Programme
  • Expose Corruption Programme
  • Uphold Community Strength Programme

The target audience of our programmes are youths and the population at large to enlighten and empower them so that they can enhance their future potential, thereby improving their living conditions in the medium to long term. To begin, we started first with the Aspire Programme. To implement our projects, we created intervention methods known as: Transparency-Empowerment-Accountability-Management-Communication-and Organisation (TEAMCO), with a focus to ensure that leaders perform their duties.

UVOBPI-TEAMCO Observation and Monitoring Aspects at a National Level

It is important to emphasise that a conflict of interest is preventing the win against corruption and this could be seen in the way some of the laws against corruption are created. For example, there is no independent check-up for ICPC. UVOBPI CSO’s work in this area includes:.

Advocacy for Transparency, Accountability and an Integral Independent Body

It has been revealed in the report review of cycle 2, Year 1 of country visit by the UNCAC bodies in May 2017 that the ICPC Act provides that ICPC is not subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority” (section 3 (14)). UVOBPI CSO’s work in this area includes:

Advocate for Openness, Transparency, Accountability, and Integral bodies capable to cross-examine ICPC’s fight against corruption activities.

To find out about our methods and gain more knowledge about our advocacy work, why not join our TEAMCO members at UVOBPI. Contact us or visit our COC page using this link: United Voice of Badagry People Initiative (UVOBPI) | UNCAC Coalition