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How to support UVOBPI

Donations, visits, volunteering opportunities, donate with one of the payment options provided here. We sincerely appreciate and accept your contribution, even more so we appreciate you dearly if you would like to specify the programmes or the project type that you want us to support on your behalf!

We hugely thank you from our heart. From UVOBPI.

Financing UVOBPI Programmes and Projects

Aspire Programme: AP/N001/UO2,

Expose Corruption Programme and Project: ECP/PN002/UO5

Uphold Community Strength Programme and Project: UCS/PPN003/UO1

Ensure the Leaders Perform their Duties and Preserve the History of Badagry Project TEAMCO: ELPD/004/O3/PHB/005/TEAMCO/001

You could donate to any of these programmes and projects or the one that appeals to you most. 

Your donation flows directly to your selected programme or project.

You monitor the chosen programme or project and the sustainability of the programmes or projects online.

You could also consider a one-time donation, you could help reduce the suffering of Badagry populations, support the local schools, directing what you want us to use your donation for. For example, in our Aspire and Uphold programmes, we visit our local community schools to identify where help is needed. Some schools lack working desks, computers and have structural damages. We identify these issues and publish these online asking people to help.

Philanthropists visiting UVOBPI

UVOBPI welcomes donors who hope to supervise how their donations are used and study the culture of a friendly Badagrian and the people’s history in Nigeria. Please visit UVOBPI's website regularly to see how we progress, and even to support some of our programmes and projects. With this, you can trust us, believe in our visions and see how your contributions are used.

From our heart, we say thank you for thinking of us and your giving spirit!