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What have we been doing? 
The organisation has been raising awareness to ensure that government at all tiers (i.e. federal, state and local) and in Badagry in particular performs their duties and responsibilities to its citizenry. See examples of some cases below!

The Lagos Badagry International Expressway Deplorable Conditions Photo Highlights 

28 October 2020

Between Okoafo and Agbara. This is the current condition of the Lagos Badagry International Expressway in Nigeria. This picture was taken following a visit by UVOBPI representative to inspect the condition of the roads.  

In March 28 2019, UVOB visited the rehabilitation site on the Badagry Lagos Expressway at Atura/ Mowo (the location visited is between Atura bus stop and Age-Mowo bus stop, Olorunda Local Council Development Area Badagry). Everyone met on the construction site looked genuine and was very welcoming. Following a brief introduction of UVOB's aims and mission, UVOB articulated that Badagrians want to know the state of work in progress and how soon it will come to completion so as to alleviate the suffering they encounter every day on the road. 

Lagos-Badagry Expressway Oct 2012

Lagos-Badagry expressway is one and the only international roads that links Nigeria with several other West African nations, in the likes of Benin republic, Togo, Ghana, Cote D’voire and several other West African Nation. The road has been constructed since 1979 by Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo Military administration and since then, no significant rehabilitation has been done on the road. The present demoralizing state of the road for the past seven years, without any proper attention from the Federal Government who is ostensibly responsible for the road.

19, February 2013

Hon. Joseph Bamgbose (Federal House Rep for Badagry and former Chairman of Badagry West)

Tuesday 19 February 2013, representatives from the United Voice of Badagry People Initiative visited the Executive Chairman of the Badagry Local Government (LG), Hon. Husitode Moses Dosu and the Executive Chairman of the Badagry West Local Council Development Area, Hon. Bamgbose Hontonyon Joseph at their respective offices.
In a visit that lasted almost four hours with the Executive Chairman of the Badagry LG, it began with the presentation of a letter. Hon. Husitode Moses Dosu received a letter that detailed the local needs of Badagrians, the suffering experienced daily on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway and the need of action from local representatives.
He spoke at length regarding the poor state of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway, the neglect Badagrians have faced as well as the huge tourism potential of Badagry.

19 February 2013 

The former  Executive Chairman of the Badagry Local Government (LG), Hon. Husitode Moses Dosu 

Apropos the rehabilitation of the  Lagos Badagry Expressway, Hon. Husitode Moses Dosu believed that the Federal Government (FG) must accept the blame for the failure of the Expressway. He articulated that the decrepit Expressway was a sign of neglect from the FG, despite the vast revenue the FG collect.
“I am aware of the pain people have to subject themselves to in order to go about their day-to-day activities on that road. Danger of accidents and economical damage to cars plying the road on a daily basis, among others,” the Executive Chairman expressed.
He continued, “I have sent several letters to the government at a higher level without any reasonable response. You had to see how Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola was shocked and emotionally upset with the horrific state of the road during his last visit to Badagry.”
“Out of pity and concern for the good people of Badagry, the Governor suspended some contracts which were to be carried out around Badagry, in order to allocate funds meant for those contracts, for the immediate rehabilitation of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway. This is now approved. He did this in order to make the transportation of goods and services easy to and from Badagry,” he exclaimed in a very emotional manner.
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25 February 2013

The Executive Chairman of the Olorunda Local Coucil Development Area (LCDA), Hon. Abudu Amida.

Executive Chairman of the Olorunda LCDA, Hon. Abudu Amida—“The state government have instructed FERMA to start the rehabilitation of the expressway. They have worked up to the bridge at Ijanikin at least that will make the road motorable for the people.”
UVOB then asked the Executive Chairman, “Sir what about the road linking Imeke and whispering palms and all the other roads in Badagry that have not been repaired?”
“I can tell you with all assurance that, that road has been done, finished and opened to the general public. Even the swampy areas of Ajido have been awarded to contractors. They will soon come on site. It should interest you to know that I have been following UVOB on Facebook. I want our people to know we are doing our best,” Hon. Abudu Amida countered.

Monday 25  February 2013

HRM Oba Olalekan Sejiro James, Okiki Arolagbade II, the Aholu Of Kweme Kingdom

HRM Oba Olalekan James—“It is annoying to see that our roads are in that type of condition. It is not encouraging to drive on that road, and I look forward to government doing something about it soon.”

15 February 2013

Representatives from the United Voice of Badagry People Initiative, visited the Akran of Badagry, His Royal Majesty Oba, De Wheno Aholu Menu Toyi 1, OFR at his palace.

UVOBPI representatives presented a letter to the Akran amidst an audience of Chieftains, which included Chief Baala of Badagry, Baale of Iya-Afin, Baale of Idale-Whedakoh, Baale of Akarakunmoh and the Depengan of Badagry, Chief Giro Tunde (Head of Badagry’s Youths).
The Akran received a letter, which identified the needs of Badagrians. UVOB’s representatives made the voice of Badagrians known, urging the Akran for his support and cooperation in dealing with Badagrian local needs.

The Akran and his Chieftains agreed that there was an immediate need for action in dealing with the local needs of Badagrians.
The Akran expressed his readiness to cooperate with organisations such as UVOB in an attempt to find a solution to the on-going problems confronting Badagry.
He was impressed with the online forum created by UVOB, calling it a welcome development. The Akran articulated his happiness about the fact that Badagrians outside the town now knew about the conditions currently faced in Badagry.
During a discussion, the Akran asked the Baale of Iya-Afin, Chief Patifo what he thought about the intentions of UVOB. The Baale responded saying, “It is good that we are now having pressure groups in Badagry. They will make us all sit right and not hide under the same umbrella.”
The Akran was pleased with the role UVOB played in Badagry as a ‘watchdog for the people’. He hoped that initiatives such as UVOB would continue to make a difference in Badagry. He also looked forward to another visit, where UVOB’s representatives would present to him the Second Edition of UVOB’s magazine (Release date: March 2013).
The visit concluded with heartfelt prayers from the Akran.

Monday 25 February 2013

HRM Oba Oyekan Possi III—“Politicians are running government to the detriment of the poor masses”

On Monday 25th February 2013, United Voice of Badagry People Initiative visited HRM Oba Oyekan Adekanmi Ilufemiloye Ajose Possi III, the Alapa of Egun Awori, Apa Kingdom, HRM Oba Israel Adewale Okoya, Okiki Ola I, the Onibereko of Ibereko,  

Issues discussed included the underdevelopment in Badagry, corruption and bribery, a lack in youth driven initiatives and the decrepit state of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.
When UVOB asked HRM Oba Oyekan Possi III for his thoughts on the underdevelopment facing Badagry, he replied, “It is a pity that Badagry as a whole has been deprived the basic necessities of life for a very long time. What has Badagry as a whole achieved from successive governments? Nothing than the LASU campus they brought to Badagry amid protests. Let me give you an instance. Do you know that currently I use my money to maintain the health centre in Apa. Is it my responsibility? Where is the Local government? Where is the state government? Politicians are running government to the detriment of the poor masses.”

When asked about corruption and bribery in Badagry, Lagos and Nigeria HRM Oba Oyekan Possi III responded, “It is no longer news that our leaders are all characterized with corrupt minds. They are only interested in what to eat. They don’t care if the masses go to bed hungry. After getting the vote of the people, they will go to sudden sleep. Do you know that most of our representatives only go to sit during all the proceedings and after four or eight years, they will return to their families? That is what we call our government. Look at my palace. I did not collect a penny from both the state and Local Government. I built my palace with my money. We are not getting anything from these people. They are only interested in filling their bellies.”

HRM Oba Oyekan Possi III—“Did you know there is not one repaired road in the whole of Badagry central? Maybe, only the road to OWODE and APA. Our roads are so bad that they are car selective. We have written to government on this issue on several occasions but they won’t stop turning a deaf ear to us. Only God can touch their hearts for us. Look at our express road, that road is so bad that I can’t even drive the car I wish to drive out. Those people with a single car are in danger. My car tyres were vandalized on that road on two different occasions. One thing is for sure, we won’t keep shut, we will keep shouting, till our voices are responded to.”

A final issue was a topic apropos youth empowerment initiatives or youth driven projects. This was what HRM Oba Oyekan Possi III had to say, “Politicians have a culture they follow and that formula is the problem. Instead of qualified nominees to represent our people, our political Godfathers will chose representatives based on the HIGHEST BIDDER. When you stand out to make amends, you will automatically become their enemy. Our prayer is that God should touch their hearts to trek to the right path when we vote them to political positions. They should not forget that history will surely remember them for all they do when they are in power. They can only deceive the people but they cannot stop nemesis from waiting for them.”

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Tuesday, 28 June 2016, UVOBPI interviewed the Aholu of Ajido Kingdom, Aholu Saheed Sedonu Adamson, The Aholu of Ajido Kingdom. Topon Toyiaga 1. 

Extract from the interview! 

UVOBPI: What are your views on fostering unity and attracting development in Ajido and across Badagry?

AHOLU: My intention is to work with other Kings in Badagry Local Government possibly within Lagos State to promote unity, to promote development, to promote progress among the community. To foster unity among us. To ensure that we do things in accordance with the law of the land so that whatever we do, whatever we set our programme on we see ourselves in Badagry as one, Egun speaking people and Awori speaking people. For me I don’t like discrimination, I always look at us as a Lagosian working for the common good of our people. That is how I want to foster unity among the Obas and among the people in the community.

27 July 2013

On the 27th July 2013, United Voice of Badagry People Initiative attended the inauguration ceremony following an invitation from the Baale of Araromi-Ale, Chief Temitope Adele Agemo.

UVOBPI asked the Baale of Araromi-Ale about his plans for youth empowerment and development in the community, to this the Baale of Araromi stated, “I had a discussion with some of the youths of the community yesterday [26th July 2013], because I don’t want people to brand them with bad names. I have also decided to call a meeting where every youth in the community will be given the chance to voice out their neglect. We will engage all our jobless youths because we believe that the idle hand will turn to the devil’s workshop. I believe God will see us through.”

June 2016

Earlier in June 2016, a ceremony was held at Ikoga Town Hall, Ikoga-Zebbe, Badagry Local Government Area officially inaugurating and registering Gle-Vivi (Ikoga) Agricultural Co-Operative Multi-Purpose Society at the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. UVOBPI used this opportunity to encourage Badagry’s youths to engage in farming.