UVOBPI Is Supporting the “Consolidating Rastafari Livity in Nigeria”

United Voice of Badagry People Initiative (UVOBPI) in Collaboration with the Badagry Recreational Park (BRP) Projects, in a Search for a collective Solutions, to Badagry development challenges, is supporting the ‘Consolidating Rastafari Livity in Nigeria:

An introductory conference, ‘Consolidating Rastafari Livity in Nigeria, billed, was held at the BRP, Badagry Lagos State, with the theme; ‘Consolidating Rastafari Livity in Nigeria: Ways and Means’ which took  place between the month of November 1st to the 6th, 2023.

This was a  “one week event” and  “is part of activities commemorating the 5th year anniversary of Rastafari Continental Council (RCC) Nigeria Ital Yard,” a proud member of RCC Afrika, the continental Rastafari superstructure, with secretariat in Johannesburg, South Africa, and country structures in about 42 countries of Afrika (HonouRebel Myke Pam, Chairman, RCC Nigeria Ital Yard).

A Brief Insight about RCC

The RCC, established in 2018, is the umbrella body of various Rastafari organisations, Mansions and individuals in Nigeria, and across the continent of Africa.

A message from the conference

According to Chief Hunkanlin  Emmanuel Afolabi, popularly called ‘Ijinla.’ The president/Founder of Centre for Heritage Preservation the organisation in charge of the running of the community park.

The first Rastafari conference, trade expo 2023 held in  Badagry at the Badagry Recreational Park.

The 1st of November, commenced with the arrival of guests, participants.

The second day witnessed more guests and there were  lectures on both Thursday and Friday. These covered,  how Rasta could be supported at all societal levels, both home and abroad. This include governmental supports, educating Rasta cultures  within the educational settings .

 On Saturday, there  was a visit to the  historical places in Badagry. This including point of No Return sites .

On Sunday, there was a musical Jamboree and Trade Expo.

According to the guests, and  the Rasta family, “we”  have  “discovered that Badagry is a very peaceful place and full of history of the black race.”

 According to the Rastafari leader, Myke Pam, Badagry, “will now be an annual event for all the Rasta in Nigeria and in Diaspora.”

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