Badagry Recreational Park: In a collective solutions

In a search for a collective solutions to development challenges in Badagry. On 14th  September 2023, in the LASPARK building, Ikeja Lagos, the United Voice of Badagry People’s Initiative (UVOBPI) delegates, in collaboration with the Badagry Recreational Park (BRP) Management team,  held the first meeting with the  principal officers of the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency, the Supervisors and Regulators. 

In the meeting were the representatives of LASPARK,   the legal adviser of the Agency and, from the partner NGO, were Mr Femi Senu, a Badagrian and a United Kingdom (UK)  based security expert, the founder of the UVOBPI. In the company of Mr Augustine Ogungbe a member of the UVOBPI Trustee.

This get together was in association with the Parks managing director, Chief Hunkanlin  Emmanuel Afolabi, popularly called ‘Ijinla.’ The president/Founder of Centre for Heritage Preservation the organisation in charge of the running of the community park.

The team of advocates in this meeting, includes,  Mr Onome -Egborge Alexis and Mr Ogundimu Michael Adeleke, both of which were advocates and social justice campaigners, and the frontrunners of the BRP projects. 

The meeting started with LASPARK welcoming introductory statements, this was followed by the highlights of the meeting agendas.  

Following up from Chief Hunkanlin  Emmanuel Afolabi, the manager of the BRP projects, who revealed some of the challenges the BRP faced. The interest of UVOBPI was stated by Mr Senu stating the position of UVOBPI as an NGO with no any business benefit attached and that the main focus of the NGO is for the general good of the community and advancement of the communities, local, and national level developments.

LASPARK representatives were encouraged and asked ,  how UVOBPI could help in these thoughts of community advancement? Mr Senu responded.

“During a meeting with the management of the BRP, in February 2023, during a visit to Nigeria prompted the need to respond to the management plea as the government has not significantly turned full attention towards the BRP project areas and the benefits it holds for the Badagry communities and beyond, these need considerations and as a result, there is a need to raise awareness of the BRP projects.”

Consequently, the  UVOBPI encouraged the rebuilding of the Gazebo 001 which Mr. Senu believes will create an awareness and bring on board potential investors…

According to Chief Hunkanlin  Emmanuel Afolabi.

“The management, however, requested for a period of 15 to 25 years so as to enable investors have confidence, while investing in the BRP projects.”

Among others things discussed were the feasibility study of the BRP projects and how these could contribute significantly to a better community growth and developments.  According to Chief Hunkanlin  Emmanuel Afolabi.

“The construction of Gazebo 001 project has commenced, which the  UVOBPI has taken upon himself.”

Mr Onome point out the position of Badagry on the west African corridor, thereby emphasising the need to properly invest in the BRP projects. Considering Mr Onome years of the media specialisation, he encouraged how the intended BRP projects will draw upon general public interest, thereby drawing traffic to the park, Lagos State, other states in Nigeria and internationally. Without delay, Mr Ogundimu noted that.

“The road has been one of the major setback  for the investors as well as visitors.” According to Ogundimu.

“Sometime ago they have  filled some part of the roads with about 10 trips of hard core filling sands,  just to make the road motorable” and that “If these can also be looked into by the government, the BRP project will be a great success.”

In response to some of these issues discussed, LASPARK representatives informed that, the new leadership, at the  LASPARK levels, commenced in 2019 and though the coronavirus periods have surely slowed things down for all parties involved. As for extending period of operation for the management of the BRP projects, talk is still ongoing as it is reasonable that longer years of operation, will attract investors.  Furthermore, LASPARK then encouraged the involvements of the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) which were considered, as “a good initiative.”

 The meeting concluded with an invitation, endeavoured, and encouraging  investors to join these winning and an eye-opening BRP development projects, for the benefits it holds, not only beneficial  for the local communities in Badagry alone, but also other surrounding communities in Lagos, other states in Nigeria, and across the frontier. 

Considering the overall proposal interested parties, and the benefits it positioned.

Mr Senu advised that “those needs of the BRP managements, from the governmental levels down to the BRP projects management  at operational levels, there is an urgent needs,  the BRP projects’ proposal, includes investors and their areas of interests.”

The meeting concluded with a special thanks to the organisers, all parties involved and special thanks to Mr. Senu who travelled on the way from the UK to support this mission. Further appreciation went to Parks managing director,  Chief Hunkanlin  Emmanuel Afolabi, his team and Barrister LASPARK, the legal adviser from LASPARK.

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