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Constructive And Deconstructive Of Nigeria’s National Security Challenges: The Buba Galadima NACT-PVS’ Special Study, By Senu & Daranijoh

“No big head, all agencies of government, all tiers of government, to do their own proper jobs not sharing money alone, taking loans running to billions of naira.”


The Nigerian Association of Criminology Terrorism & Political Violence Studies on Buba Galadima, Elder Statesman Statement!


Femi Senu & Folarin Daranijoh Independent Researchers at NACT-PVS

04 May 2021

The security situation in Nigeria has gone beyond greed and grievance. Our research has forecasted that if this act of greed and grievance is not managed then Nigeria is heading for a civil war. Most significantly, the lack of human security, systemic corruption, and kidnapping all over the place just a few to mention. All these variables are fuelling civil war. Lastly, we have also gathered outstanding evidence that heavy use of coercive approaches against insurgencies without addressing the underlying causes will continue to fuel conflicts and more insecurity. These conflicts or violence will potentially, or gradually spread across the nation.


To enlighten on these subjects, we have gathered the extracts from the online video statement of Alhaji Buba Galadima on the Security Situation in Nigeria, dated 30 Apr 2021. We watched and observed this statement at the Nigerian Association of Criminology Terrorism and Political Violence Studies (NACT-PVS) with our team and experts and we have constructed the following analysis on the current security situation in Nigeria. We ask our readers to watch this video with the following YouTube link: but pay close attention to our collective examination of Alhaji Buba Galadima’s statement and our analysis of Nigeria’s security challenges discussed in this matter. In this constructive and deconstructive article, you will be reading the following topics:



  • NACT-PVS’ Analysis Constructive and Deconstructive of Nigeria’s Security Challenges.
  • NACT-PVS’ Extracted Discourse of Alhaji Buba Galadima’s Statement.
  • Extracted Comments from Nigerians: Views on Nigeria’s Security Situation.


Nigeria’s security situation concerns everyone, but is Nigeria in a state of confusion right now? The kind of uprising seen with the Arab Spring that started on 17 December 2010 – can this happen in Nigeria (see Ruthven, 2016; Maleki, 2011)? Hold your thoughts and read our analysis, watch the video and observe what Nigerians are saying, analyse these comments and send us your reply.


NACT-PVS Analysis: Constructive and Deconstructive of Nigeria Security Challenges


Considering insecurity and security issues in Nigeria, there are many explanations to this and the current narratives on this matter has disconnected between Nigerian leaders and its citizens unwillingness to open doors to winning strategies or bring about a reduction to Nigeria’s security challenges. For example, Alhaji Buba Galadima has discussed that inviting Mercenaries to fight Boko Haram will be a solution to Nigeria’s Boko Haram, however, this discussion has not considered the negative impacts of foreign professional soldiers fighting a war or engaging in political violence related conflicts in another country. Case examples has shown that this will result in disaster and will worsen Nigeria’s situation; this is not a sustainable solution but rather will aggravate Nigeria’s existing insecurity situation. There are comparable data examples from around the world. Examples are seen in Libya, Syria, Yemen and many parts of the world and it would be reasonable for Nigeria’s leaders to learn from these. It is regrettable that Nigeria’s many talented individuals have been left out in the discourse of the country’s future and security.


Second, compliance with the rule of law in Nigeria is essential and this needs to be efficient and consistent. It is unnecessary for anyone to be above the law. Ministers, military gladiators, the senates and the president do not have to place themselves above the law. It is reasonable that Alhaji Buba Galadima in his discourse video stated that “no big head, all agencies of government, all tiers of government, to do their own proper jobs not sharing money alone” and that “we have taken loans running to billions of naira.”


Many Nigerians have shied away in the discourse of corruption. Nigerians need to wake-up to reality; there is no need to shy away from the reality that well known to all Nigerians that corruption is systemic in the country and corruption is at the heart of the reason why Boko Haram still exists and prospers today. Corruption is one of the prime reasons why many Nigerians, including mainstream journalists and some media organisations have failed to speak the truth about Nigeria’s insecurity situation. Corruption is at the heart of unemployment and the reasons why economic development is hampered. Corruption is the reason why Nigeria’s leaders have failed to use talented Nigerians and experts to help address insecurity situations and development matters in Nigeria. This includes exploring the talents of Nigerian scientists at home and abroad. And the fact remains that corruption has corrupted the corrupted and the corrupted have corrupted the uncorrupted. In this circumstance, it will be improper to discuss security with the corrupted. Incorruptibility has been corrupted in this matter, and engagement in this manner will resolve to a deep catastrophic insecurity phenomenon. To escape the consequences of these, such as seen in Libya, Yemen or Syria will be inevitable. The insecurity that Nigerians are witnessing today are the effects of corruption, mismanagement, incompetent leaders, a lack of ethical standards, of proactiveness and a conflict of interest at the edge of these levels amongst many more. It is not that Nigeria is lacking the strategies, laws or mechanisms to achieve all of these but it is corruption that has rendered inactive proactiveness, enforcement of laws and justice against corrupt leaders, and hampered genuine dialogue and strategic success (see Senu, 2019; Senu & Daranijoh, 2018). More political violence and civil wars are knocking at the door heavily and Nigerians need to wake up from their slumber before it is too late. There is already systematic political violence occurring in Nigeria every day and it is a matter of time before this escalates.


Are journalists’ part of Nigeria’s problem? This is in consideration to one of the comments extracted following Alhaji Buba Galadima’s video statement from one Nigerian who has watched the video. Our analysis on this is that, exploring the relationship between mainstream media or journalism into why some individual journalists or media organisations may or may not be part of Nigeria’s problems is crucial for Nigeria and our discussion above provided insight into these narratives. Notably of this is systemic corruption at all levels of Nigeria’s society and system. This has a part to play in the level of insecurity suffered by every single Nigerian today and in many cases, Nigerians themselves are part of the insecurity problems we face today, so no one is exempt. Corruption is at both the top and the bottom level of Nigerian society (see Senu, 2019; Senu & Daranijoh, 2018).


Considering military solutions to Nigeria’s insecurity challenges, Nigeria needs to learn from other countries who love military solutions to every insecurity problem and the reason why human security concepts were introduced by the United Nations Development Programmes in the first place. Those who are taking the lead in Nigeria’s affairs need to be humble and educated into the national constraints in national security matters, the country’s citizens human security and state security needs and why political violence and civil wars occur. These discourses are essential and both Nigeria’s military and leaders needs a complete humble mind to understand deconstructive and constructive mechanisms of these variables.


Extracted Discourse from Alhaji Buba Galadima Statement


By Buba Galadima, Elder Statesman


National Security Challenges in Search of Panacea


The security situation in Nigeria is scaring


There are: Pressure 24/7 on security situation in Nigeria


The solution


“It is not arrogance, it is not big head. We have to subsume to the eventualities of the situation today in the country. The military is overwhelmed, the military is overstretched, the military is under-armed, and the military is not receiving any motivation. Their moral is low, they can not do what we expect them to do, which is supposed to do their job. We are sending our children directly into the gallous, that is what it means but there was a solution. Somebody tried it that we have accused and called the names. Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan. When he came under pressure in 2015, he stopped the election by six weeks and imported mercenaries into the country after six weeks, election was able to be held in every polling-booth in this country and we promised the nation that we can stop the security challenge because we have experienced the people, tested people supportively, we can right the wrongs of the economy and this is where we found ourselves. There is something compounding this situation, which Nigeria don’t know and I want them to know because with the death of President Idriss Deby (additional information: the President passed away on 19 April 2021) we have become exposed, we have become vulnerable not only in Nigeria but in almost all the countries surrounding Nigeria, that is central Africa and West Africa. Idriss Deby has about two Southern strong armed, brave men that is holding (the) fort for Government in Niger Republic. Idriss Deby has got an unknown number of military people that is now probing the Government in Mali. So also, he has military people in Burkina-Faso. He is the one that is managing the security situation in Central African Republic. Then he is the one that is assisting Nigeria and Cameroon to stop the overtake of our territory by Boko Haram. Today Idriss Deby is no more. He was in Nigeria only five days to his death and signed a security memorandum with Nigeria for Nigeria’s Government. Yet, when this man died no Nigeria official, let alone a high-ranking person was sent for his burial. With this the government missed the opportunity to dialogue with other world leaders on surrounding insecurity challenges.”


According to Alhaji Buba Galadima, Nigeria has missed the opportunity to discuss “security situation with the vacuum created by General Idriss Deby.” It is a known fact that the Chadian Government is the eye and the ears and the heart of the French government in Africa. Right now, Chad is facing a rebellion, a civil war because of the tribes that killed him and currently, there are now four rebel groups heading to Capital of Chad (N’Djamena; based on the countries listed by Alhaji Buba Galadima, these groups are supported by proxy foreign powers). And the current discussion is the refusal of the current Chadian government claiming not to negotiate with the alleged groups to have killed Idriss Deby and that if the Nigerian government was there, they would have facilitated negotiation.


Why is Chad important to Nigeria’s National Security?


According to Alhaji Buba Galadima, “the Multi-National Joint Force uses Chadians military equipment, uses Chadians military personnel”, and “one thing you must give the Chadians soldiers, they are very brave, they are very courageous, they are very resilient, and they can work under any condition not even afraid to die and that is why Idriss Deby, a sitting president of Chad, left his comfort zone and flew to the war front where he met his death and that is the kind of soldiers that Chad has.” It was claimed by Alhaji Buba Galadima that civil war is imminent now as the various groups are not negotiating with others. The narrative here is that, when Chad pulls its forces from Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and the Central African regions it would make the whole region vulnerable and Nigeria would suffer the most. According to Alhaji Buba Galadima, “all the Governments will fall to the Bandits” and “where do we go to” as the “military now overstretched.”


What is the solution then?


The solution is simple according to Alhaji Buba Galadima “for me, first, the president must establish the war cabinet, we are in war, where every morning at 9 o’clock, they will sit down to review the security situation in the past 24 hours in Nigeria.” According to him, “if the president is not disposed, to doing that, he should get the Vice President to chair that committee or get the national security adviser to do that every morning, review what has happened within 24 hours.” Second, “no big head, all agencies of government, all tiers of government, to do their own proper jobs not sharing money alone, taking loans running to billions of naira. Just last week the National assembly approved loans for Mr. President. Have they asked, all the trillions that they have approved in the last six years, show us what you have done with the money? I hear, they tell us that they are not corrupt, its ok, you are not corrupt. You borrow this, this, this, what have you done with it?”


According to Alhaji Buba Galadima, it was also discussed that some of the projects initiated in Nigeria such as the Niger bridge, “is not Federal Government money” and “railway from Lagos to Ibadan” and the “Kaduna” railway “was constructed by (Sani) Abacha (Nigerian General whose years of service ran from 1963–1998: this was one of the former military presidents in Nigeria), even the wagons brought in to the port were not cleared until Yarudua time (born 1951 and died 2010; this was also one of the former civilian presidents in Nigeria) for clearing. I know this because I have been a member of delegation that have gone to China several times.” Discoursing the rail ways issues, Alhaji Buba Galadima confidently claimed that, “we know history” and “they cannot do that” and that “No Nigerian trusts this government” (i.e., we analysed that this is resulting from the many unfulfilled promises considering the effects of corruption discussed). The question was raised concerning these issues according to Alhaji Buba Galadima:



  • Are we secure?
  • Is there employment?
  • What should be done and secure life?



According to Alhaji Buba Galadima,” advising this government, even though I know that they will never take it. Once you say anything, they classified you as: are you for us or against us. Even if you tell them the truth and give them the best of advice, they will not take.”


The way out


“We can see even the president is not strong enough to give 24 hours of his time for this work, let him please, appoint anybody, even if it is his son, somebody.” That (i.e., somebody) “is proactive and can act on his behalf so that people sit down and analyse all these issues every 24 hours and proffer solutions and one of the solutions is that, they must use intelligence and technology in order to defeat” all these problematic challenges of insecurity discussed and “lastly, since the military is overwhelmed, the best he could do is to hire mercenaries” and “it is going to be cheaper for us, to advice our military.”


Extracted Comments from Nigerians’ Views on Nigeria’s Security Situation following Alhaji Buba Galadima statement


Tony Akubue: Journalist are part of the problem in Nigeria because some of them are covering up the truth. Why is the journalist pretending that all is well with Nigeria or is she not aware that Nigeria is bleeding?


Anthony Odo: So Chad president want to catch Shakau they start calling him name that is why we said Nigeria government is sponsor of Boko Haram, this man always said the truth,


Daniel Chukwu: What convinces you to believe that Buhari who has ludicrously showcased displayed his incompetence throughout his tenure will suddenly have the wherewithal to handle Nigeria’s worsening security challenges? None of this man’s suggestions address the fundamental issues that has led Nigeria to this point. Military solution is not the absolute answer.


Tony Obodoechina: Big shame. A country of 200m with about 50% unemployed are talking about recruiting mercenaries. Conscription is a great option. Absence of Law and order, population explosion is our urgent problem. Those who are taking the leads must often sort for help from outside the country.


Mimi Owoeye: He said Chad is the one holding Nigeria security. Idiots everywhere. Our soldiers are brave!! The Nigeria Generals are the ones stealing all resources needed for the soldiers. Buhari wants a Fulani caliphate. All these information is noise making. Buhari is a big mistake.


Valgie Odukwe: Nigeria can only be saved when they agree to admit the true identity of person in Aso Rock and condemn the killing of BIAFRANS/IGBOS/ODUDUWA.. You all talk about the killings in the North and never the killings in the Southern parts of Nigeria.


Olumide Martins: We don’t need massinary to fight for Nigerians we are better and stronger than that….the northerners are very week niger is done God help us no more security sir galadima just said the truth…no more security be were. That is why you northerners sold us out…are you now telling me that Chad military is stronger than nigeria Amy miss management of nigeria security by the northerners. We are over 200milion I know you sir that is why I respect you.


Alfred Anakwe: This is very serious but our leaders don’t seem to care. I don’t understand why our president won’t speak with Nigerians. If he continues like this there will be another civil war in Nigeria. Only God can save us.


We thank you for reading this article but most importantly we ask that you leave us your comments to help us serve you better. Thank you!




Maleki, A. (2011, September 2). Uprisings in the Region and Ignored Indicators.


Ruthven, M. (2016, June 23). How to Understand ISIS. Retrieved May 03, 2021, from


SYMFONI (Director). (2021, April 30). Alhaji Buba Galadima Speaks on the Security Situation in Nigeria [Video file]. In Youtube. Retrieved May 3, 2021, from


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Senu, O., & Daranijoh, F. (2018). African school of thought: The missing ideology in finding a solution to sub-Saharan African insecurity. Development Policy Review, 36. doi: 10.1111/dpr.12397




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